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Royal Enfield Sidecar
Royal Enfield Sidecar Front AngleRoyal Enfield Sidecar Rear Angle

The Cozy Rocket sidecar has been the standard in handcrafted, solid steel construction for decades and is the best value in the sidecar world today. Cozy Rocket Sidecars were designed in collaboration with the Steib company decades ago to mimic the Vintage Steib 350 and 500 series sidecars.  The Rocket Sidecar with its Vintage look is the ultimate finishing touch for your motorcycle. This rugged handmade sidecar reflects old-world pride and craftsmanship.  The Cozy Rocket Sidecar comes with a dual chassis and body suspension for a comfortable ride. The spoked wheel, rear luggage rack, upgraded upholstery, vinyl cockpit tonneau cover, windshield, lighting, and more are part of our standard package. A sidecar and Royal Enfield motorcycle combination attract so much attention that just getting fuel can take extra time while you are answering questions for admirers. The Cozy Rocket sidecar has been the standard in solid steel construction for years.  This rugged sidecar is well-built but weighs less than 200 lbs. The Rocket features a 19” wheel and tire. It comes with a shock absorber-type suspension and rubber mounted body.  Additionally, our Rocket sidecars come standard with DOT-approved spoked wheel, steering damper, chrome rear rack, floor mat, tonneau cover, side, lights, front bumpers, a shock absorber-type suspension, and rubber-mounted body just like the originals.


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Royal Enfield Sidecar

Royal Enfield Sidecar Blue

Royal Enfield Sidecar Front View

Royal Enfield Sidecar Top View

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